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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Down the Hatch!!

This is a layout i did for Sketch 26 over @ http://thescrappiest.blogspot.com /2009/08/sketch-26.html (I still can't figure out the clicky thing) I really like how it turned out. My kids wondered why i used birds on a page of dad tho. I hope to start doing these sketches every week. It was fun!!!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Carbon Monoxide

We had the biggest scare around here. Saturday about 1:30am Ray and I were layin on the sofas in the living room when the loud chirpping alarm went off. We knew what it was but didn't know what to do. We shut off the central air, opened all the windows and doors then called 911. We went out and waited in our garage until we heard the fire truck rollin down the street. The came in with their portable carbon monoxide dectector, the reading in the living room (where the alarm is & where we were) was reading 0. But that's because we opened the house and the fresh clean air came in and cleared it out. It was reading high in our basement by the waterheater. Fire dept. left about 2:30am and we had the all clear to go to sleep. So we did. Next day we called our landlord and he had consumers energy (our gas co) come out and check things out. He didn't get any reading down by the water heater, he did get a small reading by my dryer (my vent became loose~ we fixed that), then the came up and checked by our oven. We have a very old oven that is build into a brick wall, the gas guy said that is/was our problem. He was told he had to shut off the gas to my oven before he could leave. The landlord has the oven torn apart and who knows how long it will be before it's fixed and i'll be able to cook in there.

I have to say i'd much rather be livin without my oven than not livin myself.

If you don't have a carbon monoxide dectector please please go out and buy one. They are well worth the money!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kid-Free Weekend!!

What's that i hear.........that's right, NOTHING!!! lol

My mother came and picked up the 3 kiddos about 2 hours ago and they headed about 3 hours up north!! They will be home sometime late tomorrow evening, yes i'll miss them all but i won't miss the constant fighting between them all.

Since the house is quiet and DH and I don't have the extra money to go out and party, i think it will be a scrappy weekend for Rissa!! YAY!!!!

I have recently joined a new scrapbook forum called JU JU Bee's Scrapbook Corner (here's the link-- http://jujubeesscrapbookcorner.com/forum/index.php?sid=aaa03fa6304f682f19538d2eb5f94a69 ) I've jumped on in over there with answering posts and introducing myself. The ladies there seem really nice, i hope to make some good scrappy friends. I'm going to try and get involved in some of the challenges. I'll post whatever i get finished over this quiet weekend probably Monday.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Updates!!

Let me start by saying sorry for my absence around here. I thought i was getting better but i guess not. Anyway, Ray & I hosted our annual family reunion a couple weekends ago, it turned out really nice. I had an awesome time. Here are a couple pics this is Ray (my DH) cookin our awesome food on the biggest grill ever!! Photobucket

This is Me & Ray (cousin Fish is in the back) Photobucket

I made over 250 jello shots and here is our pyramid with only a select few shots Photobucket

and me after a ton of jello shots and a few other fun drinks!! Photobucket

And here are just a few of the scrappy pages & projects i've been working on. (in case anyone was wondering i am only @ 47 of my 92 days of summer. Don't think i'm going to hit the goal, but it was worth a try!!)