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Sunday, September 14, 2008


that i wouldn't be able to keep up with this blog! lol I haven't blogged since the day i opened the account. So i suppose i can fill you in on what's been going on. Not much really.....My kiddos have finally went back to school (woohoo) all 3 of them for full days!! Guess that means it's time for mom to get out there and get a job. Well it's not that easy. I have put out apps at a bunch of different places but for someone who can only work during school hours and who hasn't had but one job in her life, places are a little skepticial. I keep plugging away in the mean time i've scrapped a few pages. They are all mostly challenges for groups that i am in on myspace.

Those are a few of my most recent favorites!!

We are getting hit with some pretty bad rain here in MI this weekend & it's also football Sunday!!! I'm gonna get some cozy clothes on, turn on the tv in my scrap room, watch the games and see what i can come up with today!!